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Información de la industria

Basic information of hardware

2019-01-07 08:39:49

Fold and edit this section of gold
As is known to all, gold is a valuable precious metal, worth 385 yuan per gram, most of which is put into the state Treasury by the national government for good preservation. Most of them are gold. Gold, of course, is used to make things of value. Objects cast with gold are usually objects such as jewelry, money and tokens, such as rings, necklaces, gold COINS (ancient times), gold bars, gold bars, etc. Some are also used to make celestial globe and other objects. The gold content of gold articles is measured by K(carat), as follows (the percentage in the table is an approximate value, and the boldface is the commonly used gold content):

Gold content /K    8/9/10/12/14/18/20/21/22/24

Percentage /%    33.33/37.49/41.66/50.00/58.32/75.00/83.32/87.49/91.65/99.99

※ platinum is the metal platinum (Pt), not white gold.

Fold and edit this section silver
Silver is silver white, is also a precious metal. In ancient China, it was used to make precious silver or broken silver for state expenses and daily transactions. The ancient egyptians used silver's water-soluble silver ions to sterilize wounds by making silver sheets. Modern silver is also commonly used in jewelry processing. Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Common industrial silver parts are parts of electronic instruments and power generation equipment, such as silver-core wires.

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Copper is the emissary of human civilization. Ancient people often used copper to make sacrificial vessels, such as copper tripod, and modern tools. Copper is known to conduct electricity well, second only to silver, but copper ore is more abundant and cheaper than silver ore. Copper is often used to make wire cores and parts for some communication and electronic equipment.
Common copper pieces
Common copper pieces

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Iron is widely used and abundant worldwide: the world's known iron deposits exceed 200 billion tonnes. There are two kinds of iron commonly used: hematite and magnetite.

Folded hematite
Hematite is composed of iron oxide, dark red or steel gray, iron nails, screws, nuts, hammer head, machine parts, etc.

Folded magnetite
Magnetite is magnetic, also known as "magnet", "magnetite", magnetite range of application is not as wide as hematite, but also useful, magnetite can be shaped into a magnet to identify objects.

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Tin is not widely used, the common tin can cap, tin foil, plastic bottle tin seal, etc.

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Antimony: antimony mixed with lead can be used to make bullets.

Tungsten: mainly tungsten filament.
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